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Friday, February 04, 2011

Huge Overland Park KS Church Faces Foreclosure

If I were to attend a church- it surely wouldn't have some monster-number congregation nor would it have a big- fancy building.

Big fancy buildings cost lots of money- and that isn't my "Great Spirit's" way of doing business...

I'm sure many in the huge congregation of the First Family Church of Overland Park could sort-of see that parable with big church buildings- since an Alabama bank is about to foreclose on that's church's glitzy property and structures at 143rd Street and U.S. 69.

That $13-14 million could buy a LOT of relief for the economically downtrodden in our society- which is what I ALWAYS thought God wanted people to do with money like that.

I guess my religion is a little naive....



Superdave said...

I have said about churches what you just said for years and people look at me like I am stupid. But our goverment does the same thing. We need public buildings that function not for winning awards. But remember this church is located in the Blue Valley district where nothing common is allowed.

EDITOY said...

Well religion has gone from the good word and good book to good business or bad. Is it the fault of the church or the congregation that willingly hands over their W-2's and "donations" for mis-management at the hands of leadership? god?? It's not about savior or charity its social status and networking. Perhaps the ultimate in hypocrisy.