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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

CSW WEATHER Storm Update 03: Snow Piles Up in Southeastern KC-MO - Video and Images

As of 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon- there more than a half-foot of snow on the ground- sidewalks- streets- etc..

Moderately-heavy- fine snow was falling- and blowing as north winds gust to 27 m.p.h. at this hour.

Driving through the 'hood a little over and hour ago was slick enough- even as plow crews worked the major roadways in the Loma Vista and other areas of south KC-MO..

Snow will continue- heavy at times over the afternoon through dark- then tapering off around midnight.

North winds will gust into the 40 mph range through Wednesday morning with temperatures falling to the single digits- producing wind chill temperatures of less than 25 below zero.

The winds will also blow and drift the new-fallen snowcover of 8 (northwest) to 16-inches (east-south) that will have fallen across the Metro.

East-west roadways (I-70-470-435- K-10 & U.S. 50) will remain dangerous for travel through midday Wednesday.

There have been reports of tractor-trailer trucks jack-knifed on U.S. 71 near Peculiar- and on I-35 in Clinton county MO..

All roadways are becoming snowpacked and dangerous at any speeds above 25 mph..

Snowfalls of 24-inches up to 3-feet are possible in the Truman Lake & Lake of The Ozarks areas- inside a Warrensburg- Marshall- Columbia-  Rolla- Springfield- Nevada back to Wburg MO area.


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