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Monday, January 31, 2011

CSW WEATHER: Major- Possibly Historic Winter Storm for Central States Getting Underway

MetroRegion Kansas City Doppler weather radars are already beginning to light-up with precipitation echoes east to south of KC-MO..

Freezing drizzle has already been falling north along the I-29 corridor from Platte into Buchanan counties MO this morning- and now freezing drizzle and very light freezing rain has began falling in Johnson and Lafayette counties in Missouri- U.S. 50 to I-70 corridor.

Expect this trend to continue over the morning hours- spreading into Metro Kansas City within the next few hours.

Untreated surfaces will develop a thin ice-coating and become dangerous for walking or driving.

Later tonight the freezing stuff will change to snow- and continue through much of Tuesday.

Snow amounts of 8 to 15-inches are now forecast across eastern Kansas into central Missouri- including Metro Kansas City.

Blowing and drifting snow will become a serious issue by Tuesday night into Wednesday morning- along with dangerously-low wind chill temperatures.

Even urban travel will become difficult by those times and travel in open country should be re-considered after midday Tuesday into Wednesday morning.

This will include but is not restricted to Interstates 29- 35 and 70- as well as U.S. highways 36- 50- 65- 69 and 71 in MetroRegion Kansas City.

This will be a dangerous- and possibly historic storm in some areas of the Central States- please- plan accordingly!

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