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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

CSW Storm Update 02 - As of 8:15 a.m.- Snow Increasing in South KC-MO

So far- anywhere from an inch to 4-inches have fallen near Pleasanton KS in southeastern Linn county KS- about 50 miles SSW of Downtown KC-MO..

About a quarter-inch has fallen here in south-southeastern KC-MO in the Loma Vista area.

Heavy snow is falling east and southeast of Kansas City- and will eventually spread from the eastern through southern parts of the Metro by midday.

Current weather radar images show this heavier snow- south of a Moran KS- Harrisonville to Boonville MO line- and this area is moving north and northeastward.

As of yet- traffic is light and- except for a crash reported on I-435 in Edwardsville KS about 20 minutes ago- there have been few if any wrecks on Metro roadways.


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