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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Central States News: Snow-Trapped Tulsa Residents Are Angry

One should never- EVER complain about street plowing in Metro Kansas City again- not after reading about how Tulsa OK's residents have fared this week.

That northeastern Oklahoma city got around 14-inches of snow and- according to most accounts- most of that was still on city streets- according to this story in The TULSA (OK) WORLD.

Thousands have been stuck in their homes- or wherever they got stranded at. 

Unbelievably- Tulsa public works crews didn't clear downtown streets for days- leaving hundreds to get stuck there.

Residential streets- for the most part- have been ignored by plow trucks- leaving those in their homes unable to get out either at all or very far if they did try.

More snow is predicted in Tulsa in the coming week too....

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