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Sunday, January 30, 2011

CSW WEATHER: Winter Storm Will Impact Central and East-Central USA

Including the entire Kansas City Metro and MetroRegion- and once the action starts later tonight- it will last into Wednesday...

A deepening low pressure area will move northeastward from the Texas Big Bend Country into extreme southern Illinois by Tuesday evening.

Snowfalls of at least 4-inches are predicted by the NWS from south & southwestern through northeast Oklahoma- through the eastern half of Kansas- all of Missouri except the extreme southeast- southeastern and eastern Nebraska- and about the southern 3/4 of Iowa.

A band from east-central Kansas through the central third of Missouri into Illinois could see snowfalls of up to 12-inches.

By midday Tuesday- strong and bitter north winds could create near-blizzard/white-out conditions.

East and beyond the Central States- a blizzard warning will be in  effect of northeastern Illinois- including the Chicagoland.

An ice storm is possible from near St. Louis- east northeastward through Indianapolis and Columbus OH..

In the storm's warm sector- heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms- some possibly severe Monday- in central through eastern Texas- into the eastern Gulf Coast states on Tuesday.  

Dangerous ground travel conditions will have developed by midday Tuesday- travel and likely airline delays beginning as early as morning Monday.

Everybody- grab the shovels- ice melt- cameras and hot toddies tomorrow.

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