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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

CSW WEATHER: Major Winter Storm Begins Part 2- The Snow and The Blow

Part 1- the freezing drizzle and light freezing rain yesterday wasn't too bad- but here comes The Mother of Part 2 of this latest winter storm.

Snow and even thunder-snows are moving north and east out of Oklahoma this morning into southeastern Kansas and southwestern Missouri.

Snow has already begun in the southern Metro K.C. counties- Johnson and Miami in Kansas and Cass county MO...

The heavier areas of snow will move into Metro and MetroRegion Kansas City from the south and southwest during the day.

By late afternoon and evening- heavy snows- possibly with thunder- will have spread over the entire Metro- and we're still on track to get greater than 8-inches of the stuff.

How much more will unfold as the day goes on- but we'll also have increasing northeast to north winds and steady to dropping temperatures from the mid-20's now.

By tonight- we'll have bitter conditions- and lots of blowing and drifting snow and by Wednesday morning- we'll be digging out of this possible 8 to 16-inch whopper.

So if your going to work this morning- consider getting off by midday- the evening drive-time will be a bear.

I'll be here in the newsroom throughout the day- with images and radar pictures to chart the course of this possibly historic storm.

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