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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Last Campfire For 3 Ozark Hills Residents Who Drown in The Niangua River

The coals of the campfire where 43-year-old Hubert "Eugene" Highfill- his 11-year-old son Jesse and his father-in-law 68-year-old David Dixon enjoyed some outdoor-cooked fish were still hot when the Highfill family launched their boat into the Niangua River to go "gigging." 

Something happened on that river last Friday night- but the Missouri Water Patrol will never really know how 3 "experienced" fishermen's boat capsized.

According to the SPRINGFIELD NEWS-LEADER story- a Good Samaritan in the form of 68-year-old Doyle "Pete" Cowin- like the Highfills also from Fair Grove MO- died in an attempted rescue attempt.

A Missouri Conservation ranger on patrol found Cowin clinging to the overturned boat after nearly an hour in the water.

Eugene and Jesse Highfill and Grandpa Dixon's bodies were found Saturday morning deep in the river.

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