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Monday, January 31, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Crashes Mount As Roads Ice Up in Metro Kansas City

As freezing drizzle continues to fall- there have been dozens of injury and non-injury wrecks around the Metro.

A KC-MO Fire pumper (42's)- responding to a school bus that had crashed into a utility pole- also slid into the crashed school bus near 107th Terrace and Indiana.

I believe there's been one minor injury on the school bus- but that hasn't been confirmed- but none of the firefighters were hurt.

There have been crashes on I-70 east of Kansas City- but so far no major delays or closures.

Crashes also occurred on I-435 in the Shawnee KS area- but so far no major injuries or delays.

The have also been dozens of people that have fallen on icy sidewalks- streets and parking lots.

Needless to say- extreme caution should be used walking outdoors- and of course while driving.

Updates here at CSW as received throughout the day.....


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