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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is Proposed KC-MO Convention Hotel A Money Pool for Politicians' Friends To Dip In?

A story that appears in today's online edition of THE PITCH and written by David Martin exposes a KC-MO councilwoman's role in getting her friends a piece of the money pie surrounding a proposed 1000-room convention hotel.

Martin's story is about "public-relations specialist Kim Carlos-"  a woman who "advised" (and I can bet you not for free) Cindy Circo's 2007 election campaign to the council.

Carlos drew a $40000 salary for doing (virtually no) PR work for the convention hotel committee- which is chaired by Circo and other KC-MO business fatcats who stand to benefit financially from such a 1000-room monstrosity.

Circo- according to THE PITCH's story "distanced herself" (at finger's length?) from appointing Kim Carlos to do virtually nothing for that $40k- but can we REALLY believe that BS?

CSW has been closely following this convention hotel money-sucking black hole for about the past year.

Strapped KC-MO finances hasn't stopped nearly a million taxpayer dollars from being dumped into this worthless project that will require- even according to THE PITCH's story- "substantial public assistance" i.e. taxpayer-supported corporate welfare.


Anonymous said...

The Pendergast ghost is alive and well in city hall.

Mark said...

In answer to the title of your post; "Yes."

Groucho K. Marx said...

Superdave- "Who we gonna' call?" HaHa

Mark- Ding- Ding- Ding! You go the final Jeopardy round.

(Hey my friend- NOW is YOUR time to run for the Council ya know! ;)

Thanx guys!

Anonymous said...

Well Groucho, who is the tax payers of Kansas City, MO going to call?
For Kansas City being in the middle of everywhere more or less in The United States, it’s a city that has gone nowhere. Really wonder if the name Comicville would be a more fitting name. Look at all the great people who were either raised here, born close to here, or were here for a time that have packed up and left town. Just think Disney World could have maybe been here. But many years ago even Walt Disney packed his bags and left and never once looked back.
Only way Kansas City will ever be something is to clean house in city hall and I mean clean it all out. Then bring is some people who have a clue how it is done and make it happen. But that won’t happen so instead I wait to see what the new edition of Comicville contains.