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Friday, January 21, 2011

MetroRegion K.C. News: Emporia's City Officials Approve $100k+ For Stone Monuments

Most reponsible people know that when your house needs a new roof- you don't spend the money putting in a swimming pool.

If only members of Emporia KS's City Commission had that kind of sense

According to the EMPORIA (KS) GAZETTE- the city's elected officials have- in these hard economic times- approved to spend more than $100000 on 4 stone monuments to adorn that central Lyon county municipality's city limits.

According to those responding to a GAZETTE online poll on the matter- a vast majority do not agree with the decision of spending taxpayer dollars on this touristy frou-frou.



Anonymous said...

Well look at that mess Olathe put up on I-35 northbound at Lone Elm road. Sure it's costs was way out of line. Then head on up the road to Lenexa to 87th and I-35 and look at that mess. Hate to think what that cost the taxpayers.
Yup folks complain about it but still vote these people wasting the money right back into office.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Superdave- you mean those fancy bridges?

At last those have a function- "Euphoria's" stone monolithes don't serve anymore purpose than a simple CITY LIMIT sign.

Heh- agree totally we keep shuffling the same 2 sides of the same into office too...