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Friday, January 21, 2011

Good Morning - Friday - January 21, 2011

This late January Friday morning is not as cold as earlier thought since the clouds moved in- keeping us in the upper single-digits to around 11-degrees temperature-wise.

A fast moving storm will race over Metro and MetroRegion Kansas City today- dropping anywhere from about 1/2-inch of snow on the Kansas side and a possible 1-2 inches farther east in Missouri.

As if we haven't had enough- a stronger storm system late Saturday through Sunday could drop from 2 to 4-inches of the freezy skid stuff over our area.

I'll keep you informed on that...

Newswise- the body of a missing Smithville woman was found yesterday under the I-435 (west) bridge that spans Platte county MO and KC-KS..

Forty-nine-year-old Beth mcQueen had been reported missing since Sunday and KC-KS police are investigating this...

Kitchen catch fire?  Grab the cat- go to the garage- get in your car and TO HELL with the garage door- just floor it in reverse!

That's what an Overland Park KS woman did last night when all that happened in her duplex near 115th Street and Nieman.

Everybody (except the garage door) escaped uninjured- and the fire was minor.


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