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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CSW Sports: Pro Football Lockout? Fans Should Respond by Boycotting Super Bowl

First off- I'm no longer a "fan" of professional sports in America.

Haven't been since exorbitant ticket & concession prices for crappy entertainment (teams)- strikes- lockouts and wealthy owners extorting taxpayer money to keep their teams somewhere.

If you ARE a fan- only faint condolences from me for putting up with it all.

Now- get ready to turn your OTHER cheek (have you run out of cheeks yet? ) because here comes your latest slap in the face- a threatened National Football League "lockout"in March.

Tired of the lockout talk?  

Boycott watching the Super Bowl!

Oh I know- it's a good reason to party and watch those special commercials (as if we don't ALREADY get goosed up our ying-yangs by commercials EVERYWHERE).

It's just an idea to show your displeasure with these sorts of things (like we interchange political party candidates at Election time- not thinking that we got where we are because of BOTH of them).

I know- that ain't gonna' happen.

Like a wise man once said: You either STAND for something- or you'll FALL for anything.

Don't expect me to catch you- Sports (and Two-Party) Addicted America....


the observer said...

Oh, that's a tough one...especially if the New York Jets get in. Been following them since Joe Willie Namath...

Groucho K. Marx said...

Like I stated in the post T.O.- I don't expect many people will protest in that manner.

I mean heck- how many votes did 3rd party candidates get last election?

My stands on these things (Walmart- commercial TV and now a Super Bowl boycott) are probably driving Ms. Rittenhouse crazy too.

But damn do I sleep well...