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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good Morning - Thursday - January 20, 2011

Unless you're a schoolkid- you may debate the title of this post on this snowy morning...

As you can tell by my special opening graphic- we've experienced about 8.5-inches of snow here in the Loma Vista area of south Kansas City MO..

Most of that is still on our residential street too.

There's still some light snow that's re-developed over and east to southeast of Metro K.C. here at the 6 a.m. hour- with temperatures running around 10-degrees.

As if this isn't enough- there's more snow forecast both tomorrow (Friday) and again Sunday.

We could pick up a couple of inches more each day- which would leave a total of about a foot of snow on the ground Monday morning.


Ms. Rittenhouse just made it to her job in the Crown Center area via U.S. 71/Bruce Watkins Expressway after about a 40 minute commute.

Much better than yesterday evening's hour and a half trip home- she told me minutes ago that the highway was in pretty good shape (considering)- people driving cautiously and mostly in single file.

It seems that MoDOT and KC-MO's Public Works have done a decent job of clearing the main roads- bearing in mind salt doesn't work as well at these temperatures.

Have heard only 1 crash the past 20 minutes- that on I-70 near Van Brunt in KC-MO.

Take it easy today on the highways and byways.


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