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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Kansas City's AM 'Talk-Radio' Hasn't Changed

For the first time in many- MANY years- I tuned into a K.C. AM talk-radio station- KMBZ- to hear Mr. Glenn Stevens- the man who MegaCorportation Walmart has accused of crimes Mr. Stevens never committed.

Once again- if I turned-down either the endless commercials AND/OR the endless host chatter- I would have missed the approximately 3 minutes total that I actually HEARD Glenn Stevens talk.

KMBZ should SERIOUSLY consider hiring Denver talk-radio host Rick Barber.

Rick's a political pragmatist who actually lets his guests- and the people who call in- TALK!

I'm behind the Stevens family 150%- but the next K.C. talk show they're on I'll catch in later- Net-downloadable podcasts that I can edit-out the commercials and the too-chatty hosts.


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