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Friday, December 10, 2010

MetroRegion K.C. NEWS: Sedalia Residents Get Hearing Before Kansas City Power and Light Rate-Increase Approved

Many so-called "experts" (many the same ones that claim The Great Recession (Depression) is over) say that so far- inflation in America has been kept in check- although US Government printing presses work overtime printing money.

Try convincing Americans- especially those on fixed incomes with no Social Security COLA increases for 2 YEARS- that inflation is not a worry- with rising taxes- food- fuel- etc. prices.

The SEDALIA DEMOCRAT reporter Matthew Steingraber covered a Missouri Public Service Commission's (MO PSC) formality-only "public hearing" to address an electric rate increase sought by the Kansas CIty Power and Light Company- who also recently bought-out MetroRegion utilities former Aquila Missouri Public Service division and the former Aquila St. Joseph Light and Power division.

Mr. Steingraber reports that the rate increase is "needed to recover costs associated with the construction of Iatan 2 — an 850-megawatt coal-fired power plant that started operating in August — as well as higher operating and service expenses-" according to a KCP&L offical quoted in his story.

You can GOOGLE how the KCP&L got that new- coal-fired power plant rushed through regulatory processes in order to build it and stick we consumers with not only the cost of the questionably-needed plant- but also for it's cost overruns as well as KCP&L executive raises and bonuses.

Also- part of those "operating and service expenses" you will have to look at twice to believe.

Parts of that increase actually goes toward the 'Powerful Light' company's expense of "(covering) its costs of asking for the rate increase-" states a K.C. STAR story on the KCP&L's recently APPROVED rate increase for Kansas customers.

Also- Sedalia's "hearing" began at 5:30 p.m. on a work/weekday- ample time for 9 to 5ers to rush from work to the rate hearing (heh).

MO PSC hearings on rate-increases are typically only utility-nuisance formalities (they recover the cost of such from YOU!)- so Missouri KCP&L customers should prepare to see an increase in your electrical rates soon.

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