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Thursday, December 09, 2010

KC-MO City Officials Willing To Ursurp Citizens' Rights- Spend Taxpayer Money On 'Special' E-Tax Election

The KANSAS CITY STAR reports tonight that the election to continue K.C's 'Earnings Tax' will be held April 5th in 2011.

Never mind there is ALREADY a city election scheduled for March 22nd next year.

That's when Kansas City MO voters get the chance to throw the WHOLE lot- Mayor and 'Clowncilpeople' alike- out on the streets.

But rather than hold the E-Tax election that same day- KC-MO elected officials figure taxpayers won't miss the estimated $300-500000K cost to hold that special election- just for the E-Tax- in April.

But- get this- The STAR story states that those same city officials willing to waste YOUR money on a special election hopes there won't be any special E-Tax election at all.

Even though the E-Tax question was brought this far by THE PEOPLE petitioning the State for an election- then THE PEOPLE who voted for this election in November via Proposition A- KC-MO's elected officials have- according to The STAR's story "filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Proposition A."


CSW will continually campaign AGAINST those brazen KC-MO officials and their brethren seeking re-election in March- and- seeing how city officials care neither about city finances or it's citizen's rights- we'll be AGAINST continuation of this city's 'Earnings Tax.' 


the observer said...

I have noticed this since moving here--an inability to properly bunch all votes together.


Groucho K. Marx said...

I wonder too T.O.- if you've noticed something ELSE the elected officials in this town do:

If The People vote for something the city's leaders disagree with- those city leaders go to court to OVERTURN the Will of The People!

This irks me to no end- at least the Communist countries had something to look forward to- i.e. FREEDOM.

The UCSA is- sadly- headed down the fast lane going the other direction.

Thanks- as ALWAYS- for your comment...