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Friday, December 10, 2010

"I've Got A Secret" Says Lee's Summit Officials Regarding Use of Taxpayer Money For Private Firm

Municipalities are increasingly resorting to keeping secrets when it comes to using taxpayer dollars to woo corporations to their cities.

Regular readers of CSW know about KC-MO's "secrets" regarding a proposed 1000 room convention hotel that will absolutely need heavy taxpayer-provided corporate welfare.

Now- according to a "breaking news" story this morning in the LEE'S SUMMIT (MO) JOURNAL- 2 companies possibly coming to Lee's Summit have had the carrot of "incentives" dangled before them.

According to the LSJ story- the name of one of the companies is being kept from the very taxpayers financing their "incentive."

The other company whose name is not being kept secret- "Exergonix-" stands to receive "an incentive package of between $10.9 million and $11.5 million in tax abatement (also known at CSW and the rest of the Real World as "taxpayer welfare for corporations")."

Lee's Summit residents- hold tight to your wallets....

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