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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Fourth Restaurant Closes in KC-MO's Heavily Taxpayer-Subsidized Power and Light District

You HAVE to read the cheerleading spin that a spokesperson gives the latest restaurant closing in KC-MO's $10-15 million per year taxpayer-subsidized party hole the Power & Light District.

First off- The Peachtree location at the P&L closed Monday.

Nick Benjamin- "executive director" of the District- told the KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL that "We are extremely sorry to see any business not succeed; although it is an unfortunate fact of life in a project with over 50 businesses in this challenging economic environment that some will not make it” and "The record of success of our tenants compares very favorably with any other similar district both in this market and nationally.”

Maybe the sky is NOT falling- but gravity is simply increasing....

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