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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Central States NEWS: Sioux City Residents Join KC-MO Taxpayers Stuck Paying For Civic Fluff Projects

I consider civic fluff projects as amenities that have nothing to do with a city's necessary infrastructure: pro or minor league sports stadiums- arenas- urban-renewal "entertainment" areas- etc.- etc. etc..

Kansas City MO taxpayers are presently getting hit with $10-15-million-per-year payouts for the 'Power & Light District' and soon to get fleeced again with an unneeded downtown convention hotel (hey- pay NO attention to the steep water and sewer rate increases behind the curtain).

(Photo courtesy of The SIOUX CITY JOURNAL)

In downtown Sioux City IA- a local government-approved downtown redevelopment Ponzi scheme is being foreclosed upon by a bank because all the rosy- pre-build financial prognostications didn't come true (sound familiar?) and (it) SUX taxpayers will pay- according to this story in The SIOUX CITY JOURNAL.

Also in that story- note how Sioux City's elected officials play dumb (like KC-MO's) when the find out the taxpayers will get stuck with the bill.

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