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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Kansas City Metro-MetroRegion Weather: Snow Saturday?

Sorry- now I'M asking readers weather-forecast questions like the TV people do their viewers...

The answer is: it LOOKS like snow- or like frozen wintery-type precipitation this coming Saturday evening into Sunday morning.

The images shown here are GFS weather-model forecast maps for Saturday at 6 p.m. and Sunday at midnight- showing an intensifying low-pressure system in Missouri- wrapping-around more cold air and possibly snow into the K.C. MetroRegion and Metro.

Note particularily the blue- 0-degree Centigrade or 32-degree Fahrenheit line and the green-shaded precipitation area as it is in relation to Kansas City and our surrounding MetroRegion.

It shows us to be at or below 32-degrees and in the soup.

How much snow is really too early to tell with any certainty- but if the map scenario holds up- at least several inches are possible here in Kansas City.

Stay tuned- as I'm watching developing weather situation this closely.... 

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