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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Eudora Building 'Delayed-' Shouldn't Lawrence KS' Memorial Hospital Be Investing In Level-1 Trauma Treatment?

Last Sunday morning- CSW reports two traumatic injury patients- one stabbed the other shot- showing up at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

In that report- I note that the 2 patients are transferred to other hospitals with more advanced trauma care.

Lawrence Memorial Hospital is not a high-level trauma care medical facility- yet- LMH has $2.5-million to invest in a Eudora medical building whose construction- according to this story in The EUDORA (KS) NEWS- has "been delayed until March." 


the observer said...

seems to me that a level II trauma center in Larry Town would not be a bad idea.

The sticking point is always the neurosurg requirement--that is why St. Joe isn't a trauma center any more and Independence Regional/Centerpoint struggled to maintain their standing for several years. Neurosurgeons just don't grow on trees.

Groucho K. Marx said...

AND T.O.- neurosurgeons aren't cheap either.

Which was the point of the post- LMH has $2.5M to spend on a medical BUILDING- but does NOT have the money (K.U. School of Medicine resident?) to PAY a neuro to treat those higher-level traumas that Lawrence residents and visitors suffer?

I'm thinking poor i.e. non-medically-insured-people/victim economics (GSW- stabbing victims- etc) HAS to be in this picture- somewhere.

Thanks for your comment-