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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tornadoes Touch Down in Dallas TX

At least 2 tornadoes- the first in the southeastern and eastern suburbs- the second near Downtown Dallas- has caused damage- but as of yet no reports of injuries.

The first tornado touched down about 25 miles southeast of Dallas around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday- as shown in these video stills from the Channel 11 news helicopter.

Damage included a shed with parts of it's roof peeled off- and a motorist on a Dallas-area freeway who was blown into the median by the tornado's winds.

While Channel 11's chopper was chasing that tornado- a second tornado touched down a few miles southwest of Downtown Dallas- touching down and lifting as the storm moved northeast over heavily-populated areas of northern Dallas.

Damage here is to businesses and a warehouse in West Dallas- as shown by the Channel 11 helicopter shots.

Notice the 18-wheeler against the side of a damaged building in one of the images.

The truck had been travelling down the street in the lower part of the photo- and the tornado blew his truck against the building.

The driver suffered non life-threatening injuries- the ONLY injury reported in the DFW Metroplex today from tornadoes.

All this activity was spawned by slowly-dying Tropical Storm Hermine- the northern extent of which is only about 50 miles south of Kansas City right now.


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