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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Fire in Mobile Home On Same Block As Nude-Man Assault

By now- I'm sure many of you have heard-read about the eastern Kansas City MO woman who found a nude neighbor standing over her bed around 1 a.m. this morning- the guy the woman dragged from her mobile home by his beard.

Anyway- at 10:20 p.m.- a fire was reported in a mobile home in that same block- the 3200 block of Oakland in the Manchester Mobile Village mobile home park.

Pumper 24 arrived at 10:25 p.m.- reporting "a working fire" in a mobile home and the crew was pulling a hose line to the trailer. 

So far- haven't heard of any injured at the scene- although there was initially a problem finding a fire hydrant.

No one has been found still inside by firefighters on the interior extinguishing the fire.

As of 11:25 p.m.- fire companies have put out the fire- overhauled the scene- and were returning to their stations while an arson investigator works on the cause of this "suspicious" fire.

Can't say if this is related to this morning's events....


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