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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Around The Roundabout- Tuesday- September 7

idn't find anything breaking-wise to post today- daily reviews of Central States and MetroRegion newspaper Web sites didn't reveal much of interest.

Listening to an Internet scanner feed of the big wildfires northwest of Denver CO and a few comments on some stuff I DID see/hear today...

  • Tropical Storm Hermine came inland near Brownsville TX early this morning- now the remnant low pressure area is in the Hill Country west of Austin.

Hermine is laying down a wet carpet from the Gulf northward into Oklahoma today- all that will move slowly northward over the next 24-36 hours and be in Metro and MetroRegion kansas City by Thursday- bringing us some needed but possibly excessive rainfalls.

  • Lew Perkins finally left K.U. today and I was hoping the door didn't whack his arse on the way out of the building.

  • KC-MO Clowncilperson Cathy 'Um' Jolly announced today she won't be seeking re-election to anything when her term expires in April 2011- the same door-thing for her too.

  • A time-transplant from the Old West would feel right at home in Metro Kansas City with all the murderin' goin on.

  • There's a clown dressed in a God gown who wants to burn copies of the Quran- the Muslims' Holy book.

This Fred Phelps wanna-be- Pastor Terry Jones with the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville FL needs a long sermon on Loving Thy Neighbor- Turning Cheeks- etc..  This also goes for those who would prohibit that so-called mosque in lower Manhattan New York.  Direct some of that outrage to something constructive- use your collective imaginations if there's any left. 

  • Heh- calling the NEW Paseo bridge the Bond bridge. That'll go over like that re-naming of the Grandview Triangle.

This is Harry Truman Town- we don't name ANYTHING significant for career-polly Republicrats.

  • Speaking of the Republicrats/Tea Partiers- the TeeVee talking heads say the Bricks will knock-out the Bracks in the November election.  

Oh really? Wasn't it THEM that got us to where we're at economically in the first place?


the observer said...

I did find the fatal flapdoodle on I-35 of reasonable interest this a.m. Scanner was of no use, alas, as JoCo services have all fled to 700 Megahertz :P

Have you priced those things--700 meg scanners? Yikes!

The Observer

Groucho K. Marx said...

Have I priced the new scanners?

LOL- not only priced them- but HAD to buy one.

In fact- will eventually have to replace most of these 16 scanners if I plan to stay in business- thanx to the Feds jacking with/selling the radio freqs..

Not all that happy with this BCD396T either- the 700mhz comms are broken up-not clear many times.

The Feds did this in the name of "security."

I wasn't aware ANY of the 9-11 terrorists- or any other terror act against the UCSA in the past 20 years had police scanners on them.

Also- for the most part- state and local agenies are on their own dime to switch to this rebanded mess the Feds brought on.

KC-MO is spending around $30-mil for a new radio system that replaces the OLD 800mhz system the pollys (lied as usual) said would last for MANY years.

It lasted about 15 years- half the life of the older VHF freqs...

Progress? Heh!