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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Explosion in a High-Rise Building- Aircraft With Engine Out Keeps KC-MO Fire Companies Busy

In a 10 minute period- 15 KC-MO fire companies were taken out-of-service due to just 2 fire alarms.

Ten of those companies were dispatched at 10:48 a.m. to 303 East Cleaver II Boulevard where it was reported there had been an explosion related to painters in an apartment on the 7th-floor.

When fire companies arrived 3 minutes later- they report no fire- but a male painter had been injured.

The painter had burned arms- and singed facial hair- he was transported by KC-MO FD-EMS to the University of Kansas Medical Center in non life-threatening condition.

Damage to that apartment and the building itself was reported to be minor.

Then- at 10:56 a.m.- an "Alert-2" call to Kansas City International airport for a "single-engine" plane whose engine had reportedly "quit."

The plane was described by airport fire crews as "a trainer" and the craft had "2" people on board.

After about 15 minutes of (gliding) circling K.C.I.- the pilot makes a "textbook" landing without incident or injury at 11:14 a.m..

As of this post- that nearly half of the city's fire department that was out on calls are back in service- ready for the next one- as we used to say.


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