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Thursday, September 09, 2010

KC-MO Fire Chief Dyer on Northland EMS Response Issue: Everything's Cool- Go Away

The Captain advised you before the Fire Department's takeover of the M.A.S.T. EMS system that the OLD way of doing things wasn't broke- so why try to FIX IT?

The poultry's returning to their recliners with news that the KC-MO FD-EMS system isn't making a good-enough showing in regard to ambulance response/arrival times in that vast area of KC-MO known as 'The Northland.'

More incredibly- I saw/heard Chief Dyer state in a KSHB-41 news interview during the 11 a.m. newscast that "(This problem) can't be fixed."

Can't be fixed?  WTF???

Sure it can be fixed- like everything else all it takes is more crews on more ambulances.

But then again- the City Clowncil is too busy giving money to professional sports playpens and nice- modern drinking holes downtown. 

So in reply to Chief Dyer's statement that acceptable response times by EMS crews in the Northland "can't" be fixed- that statement is wrong.

All the citizens need to do is ELECT RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS- not corporate shills- to the City Council- citizens who view this city's infrastructure and emergency services AS A PRIORITY.

Not millions to pro sports playpens and other corporate interests.



the observer said...

OMG, you had me on the floor.

I attended this particular circus and the one that followed too.

I can't stand it--I keep wanting to say, "I told you so." "We told you so." (all of us working against this merger/take over)

Throw the bums out.

the Observer

PS: Nice ambo pic

Groucho K. Marx said...


My apologies for knocking you to the floor- I'll try to get an EMS unit from the Northland to help you UP! lol

You appear to be associated with our fine EMS service- is this true?

That amb pic was taken during MAST's open house last year.

I used to talk to their dispatchers almost nightly during the 90's- two come to mind- Karen McInerney and Max Biggerstaff- both of whom I'm sure have gone on to more stable pastures. g

Lets keep the heat on this terrible City Clowncil the observer!