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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Once Again- Kansas City MO City Council Wants To Kill Citizen Petitions To Vote on Issues

One very fundamental right Americans have is to petition their respective govermental entities for change- to be able to vote on an issue or issues that affect them.

The Kansas City MO City Council for the 2nd (3rd attempt) time in less than 5 years wants to deprive Kansas City (and American) citizens both that fundamental right and their votes thereon.

It started in 2007- when the Kansas City council OVERTURNED voter's wishes for a light rail public transportation system.

Last year- city "leaders" also attempted to stop the vote on the Earnings Tax- note that city "leaders" are STILL attempting to stop subsequent votes on the E-Tax.

It's now happening again- as the council wants to ignore the valid petitions from citizens to vote on a new nuclear weapons-components plant in far south KC-MO- according to this story from (what's left of) The KANSAS CITY STAR.

I wonder- if the citizens petitioned the Council for their recall- would the Council attempt to block that too??? 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sure they would block it.

Politicians won't be happy till they strip us of all abilty to choose anything.