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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kansas City MO Politician and News Media's Response To Gun Violence? Oh Well...

I'm sure my fellow information hounds have seen and heard the political and news media response to all the murders and gunplay since late Saturday night...

Non-existant to cursory.

The city's politicians have spend an unreal amount of their time and efforts on The Plaza Incident and how to get curfews in the city's 'upscale' shopping and entertainment districts- while local news media coverage spent an inordinate amount of time as well on The Plaza Incident- a footrace and a soldier's funeral.

Only cursory news media attention was and has been given with political leaders' non-response to all the other gun violence throughout Kansas City in the past 72 hours.

Let me summarize this violence since midnight Sunday morning (I'm not even counting the 3 teens shot on the Plaza because that has been beat into the ground already):

Four Dead and at least 6 injured (how many others taken by family/friends to hospitals- unknown) JUST from gunfire JUST in Kansas City MO..

Most citizens in Metro Kansas City could care less about the gun violence ... UNLESS it happens to them- THEIR loved ones or THEIR friends.

Don't worry- as long as the problem continues to be shunted to a political corner or the 2nd and 3rd segments of newscasts- it WILL affect many more citizens and THEN you can hope that (it's too late) the pollys and happy-casts will REALLY address the issue.


Superdave said...

See where Carol Coe crawled out of what ever hole she has been hiding in and made some Idiot comment about a solution to the problem.

As always the idea is as stupid as she is

Groucho K. Marx said...

I saw that and LOLed at the end.