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Thursday, August 18, 2011

CSW WEATHER: NWS- "Slight" Risk of Severe Storms- Excessive Rainfalls in Metro- MetroRegion Kansas City

It's been a very pleasant period of mid to late-summer weather across the MetroRegion and most of the Central States for about the past week to 10 days.

It appears that at least the next several days will continue near to slightly above normal- with chances for overnight and morning showers and thunderstorms.

There is a chance of severe storms beginning during the day today in the Dakotas- and those storms are forecast to roll southeastward toward MetroRegion and Metro Kansas City by early Friday morning.

Some excessive rainfall is also predicted in our area (get out your rain-catchers!).

In fact- excessive rains are possible over parts of the MetroRegion and the middle Central States through Saturday- while the severe storm risk moves westward for Friday into Saturday.

The storm and rain events locally should again- be during the late night and overnight hours.

We'll keep you advised here at CSW....

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