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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Have You Seen This Blimp?

It's the "Hanger 1 Vodka" blimp- 128 feet long- and- according to the ASSOCIATED PRESS story- was last seen just after midnight Sunday morning moored at an airport in Columbus Ohio.

The blimp was reportedly blown away by strong winds during a thunderstorm.

The same weather system also produced severe thunderstorms and strong winds in Indianapolis Saturday night- causing a performance stage canopy/lighting rigging to collapse onto the audience seating between acts of a concert at the Indiana State Fair.

Four died with more than 40 people injured there. 


Anonymous said...

That would be hard to miss

Anonymous said...

Well a resident has found the blimp in their yard a few minutes from where it broke loose.
Funny how local and state police couldn't find a 128 foot long huge ass ballon all night long.