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Monday, August 15, 2011

CSW Commentary: There Isn't Any One Solution For Kansas City Youth Problems

It's probably the talk of virtually every workplace in Kansas City this rainy Monday morning: Did you hear/see what happened on The Plaza Saturday night.

As reported here at CSW FIRST in the city- three teens were shot around 47th Street and Wyandotte and even the Mayor and those in his entourage had to dive for cover.

The proposed bandage for this wound? An earlier curfew for The Plaza it's said.


I can spend all day and thousands of words to tell all of you how we got to this mess- and spend yet another day and more words on possible solutions.

This I will say: It's going to get worse- MUCH worse- before things can even attempt to get better.

There are too many single parents who not only can't do the job of 2 parents- they don't even try to be A parent.

The do-gooders are also culpable: They've made it easier for children to use the system AGAINST any parent who tries to lay the law down on their kids.

Kid lies to the law that they have an abusive parent- and the parent has to prove their innocence.

I know this as a fact- and have talked to MANY parents about this very issue- it's Damned if you do and Damned if you don't.

Earlier curfews for certain- no- ANY areas are likely to be broken.

If a teenager really- really wants out of the house in this day and age- the parent has little recourse.

Call the cops on the kid and the cops will tell you it's a domestic issue and they can't really do anything.

Lock the kid in an escape-proof room and/or restrain them in any way- THEN the law comes down- usually on the parent.

So the kid gets out- breaks the curfew- and now the kid AND the parent has fines- which they may or may not be able to pay- then come the warrants for non-pay/compliance.

You see where this goes.

Some wags in this town are saying "had you listened to me-" blah- blah- blah.

The inmates are now running the asylum- and there is no ONE solution to fix it all....

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