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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Regardless of What Sued K.C. Blogger Says- Capt. Spaulding's World is Also A "Free Speech Zone"

Word has filtered through my Windows this morning that a local blogger is being sued by a local firefighter union head for allegedly untrue accusations that blogger said he received from "sources."

In addition- in an emailed comment to The Pitch the blogger being sued claims his blog is "The Only Free Speech Zone in Kansas City."

This is blatantly untrue (like the accusations made against the union boss?)- for here at CSW comments are allowed anonymously as well- for your Captain is a HUGE supporter of freedom of speech as well as other rapidly-diappearing American rights. 


Anonymous said...

Surprised he hasn't been sued before now.

Superdave said...

LOL well I won't miss him.

Wait I never liked the guy in the first place so how can I miss him?

Superdave said...

Plus at least here in CSW world we can disagree and not be called names and told to meet for a fight and what not as in another so called information news site ran by a former Star and Pitch person.

The Observer said...

I don't mind him too much. Sometimes he trolls too much with his posts. However he was one of the inspirations to start blogging in the first place for me. When he sticks to aggregating and commentary he is at his best, even with the beefcake. When he tries to break news or be first, he does not follow basic rules of journalism and this is what got him in trouble here IMHO.

Groucho K. Marx said...

LOL- be careful SD- I USED to work for The STAR too (as well as FOX4 before and after the NBC change).

T.O.- what got the guy into this mess is his posting of tipster accusations of somebody committing an at least immoral if not illegal act without doing ANY internal investigating.

This stuff is akin to somebody telling me that The Observer is an animal abuser and- without me checking any of that accusation out or spying on you to catch you in the act- simply making that accusation public whether it was correct or not.

We both know what that somebody said is a lie of course- but printing what that somebody accused YOU of without ME checking the veracity of their claim puts ME square in the bullseye of libeling and slandering YOU.

It would be wrong for me to print such- both on a moral basis AND in a legal sense as well- and this is where TB is right now.

TB could use A LOT of ego-check humility not to mention fellow bloggers coming to his defense right now (careful Alonzo- threatening Louie Wright!)- and for whatever reason- I don't see much of either happening.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it dead-on Captain!