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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Teen Dies After Old Northeast KC-MO Shooting

The 6th victim of various shootings in KC-MO since late Saturday night- all noted here at CSW- has resulted in the city's latest homicide.

Police- fire and EMS crews were called to the report of a shooting at North Brighton and Norledge Avenue around 4:20 a.m. Sunday morning.

There they found a "19-year-old male" who had been shot in his pelvic area and- according to the EMS crew- was "extremely intoxicated."

The victim was rushed to a city medical trauma center- where police had recently reported the male died of his injuries.

There was yet no suspect information available.


Anonymous said...

"Extremely intoxicated". Nice class asshole.

Do you have the toxicology reports? If not, shut the fuck up and has some damn consideration for the victim's family.

Anonymous said...

Quoting what the EMS crew said was not showing poor class. The author was simply reporting what was said by the EMS crew, as it was probably reported to the news crews on the scene.

It's funny that you can say what you want and show your high class...

PS. It's HAVE some damn consideration. Not has some.

The Observer said...

The terrible fact of last night is that for a Saturday night it was "normal"--maybe on the high end of the scale but "normal.". Shootings, motor vehicle crashes, overdoses on drugs/alcohol and mobs of people gathering and making trouble are very routine in the KC metro on a Saturday overnight.

With regard to this victim being noted to be intoxicated if his combativeness impairs his treatment then it is of note.

Anonymous said...

You would think the family would be far more upset that the dude DIED.