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Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday Morning KC-MO Crash Results in Fatality

I had called-out the KSHB on-call photographer on a "possible" fatality crash that occurred on northbound I-435 north of 23rd Street.

I blew Mr. Shultz off this call for a double homicide just after he had arrived and was  seeking a vantage point to video the crash.

The wreck had closed northbound I-435 (for about the next 2 hours too) onto 23rd Street- which was just clearing up after flash flooding and high water trapped 2 vehicles near the freeway.

In fact- fire crews still on the flooding cleanup heard the crash at 3:02 a.m.- responded and performed extrication on "2" people in one vehicle.

Two passenger vehicles and an 18-wheeler were involved police say- when 1 of the passenger vehicles hydroplaned- spun-out- and crashed into the 2nd passenger vehicle- that was then struck broadside by the truck.

The KC-MO Police say today that a 54-year-old male- James Garrett- whom I had heard taken to a hospital after the crash- had died unexpectedly at the hospital later Sunday.

That man was initially reported by EMS as being "a backseat passenger of a van" and his injuries sounded serious- but survivable- as he was transported to St. Luke's Plaza hospital.

Two other people- a "31-year-old husband and wife" were taken to another hospital with minor injuries.

The truck driver was not injured.

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