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Monday, June 20, 2011

CSW WEATHER: Line of Severe Storms- Tornado Watch- Continues West of Metro Kansas City

A squall line of severe thunderstorms continues from extreme southern Nebraska- across Kansas into northern Oklahoma.

On the visible satellite- the storms here and near the spinning low pressure center in southwestern Nebraska exhibit symmetry and beauty- the line like a string of pearls.

On radar- the darker reds indicate the intensity of the storms in the line- which is moving slowly eastward while storms in the line race north-northeast.

A number of counties in northwestern KS and southwest through south NE are under flash flood or flood warnings due to heavy rainfalls.

While Metro Kansas City isn't in any severe storm or tornado watch yet- I expect that to change at least to a severe thunderstorm watch issuance in the next several hours.


Anonymous said...

Surprise of a lack of TSW for our area

Anonymous said...

Well I stand corrected now a tornado watch.