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Thursday, June 23, 2011

More People Evacuated in North Dakota Flooding

Water releases from dams upstream of Minot North Dakota (ND) continue unabated- and have actually increased.

The evacuation order for around 11000 Minot residents has been expanded to include thousands more in that north-central ND city of around 40000.

New flood crest forecasts call for the Souris- or Mouse River as it's called in Minot- to rise more than 10 feet above the current reading.

That's more than 6 feet above Minot's all-time worst flood in the 19th Century (1881).

In Burlington ND- about 10 miles northwest of Minot- virtually that entire town- or "everyone east of the railroad tracks (see red line-markings on graphic)" have been ordered to evacuate due to the rising water.

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