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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Missouri River Flood of 2011- Upper Missouri Reservoir Readings for June 23

After a couple of days' break- more rain is forecast to fall in the lower to upper Missouri River basin over the next 5 days.

You can see by the graphic of forecasted rains that the heaviest rainfall is right on the Missouri River in central South Dakota- those areas that were hit last week with rainfalls of around half a foot.

Compare Missouri River reservoir readings today from last week that releases from the Pick-Sloan dams have increased- putting even more strain on downstream levees and dikes.

Those restraint systems must hold back high water for AT LEAST another 45 to 60 days- not even considering further heavy rain or increased reservoir releases.

It's why I'm watching all the local AND upstream activity like a hawk!

The following are the latest reservoir readings on the upper Missouri River- taken on Thursday morning- June 23.

The key to the project parameters listed can be found on this previous CSW post on daily USACE project readings.

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