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Monday, June 20, 2011

CSW WEATHER: Looks Like It's Another Stormy Night

A strong upper-level storm system over southwestern Nebraska and a surface low approaching southern Kansas this afternoon is and will continue to be a trigger for more severe thunderstorms in the Central States through today into early Tuesday.

Already a Tornado Watch is in effect- until 10 p.m.- for the Kansas side of the Kansas City MetroRegion.

Tornado Watch No.  524 generally includes areas along and west of a U.S. 75 highway line in KS- also including a small part of northwestern Missouri along with eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.

Shawnee county - including Topeka- Atchison county- including the City of Atchison- Doniphan and Jefferson counties KS are included in the tornado watch- as are locations south of Topeka- Osage City and Emporia to name two.

In MO- the watch includes Holt and Atchison county northwest of St. Joseph- who is not officially in the watch.

In case the tornadoes- large hail- damaging storm winds and lightning don't get you- there's also the threat of more torrential rainfalls that could produce flash flooding.

Right now- it doesn't appear any of this activity will get close to Metro Kansas City until after dark.

CSW will let you know if and when a watch is issued for the Metro.

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