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Friday, June 24, 2011

CSW Weather: Severe Storms Possible This Weekend Over Metro- MetroRegion Kansas City

The weekend is here and with that- the increased chance for thunderstorms and a slight chance for some severe storms.

That "slight" risk for severe weather will affect the Central States through Monday- and Metro Kansas City later today/tonight and Saturday.

The risk of tornadoes during the forecast periods are low.

Come Monday- the SPC forecasts for severe storms shifts northeast and east- but northern and eastern portions of the Kansas City MetroRegion are still outlooked for some severe storms.

Saturday's forecast has those areas to our north and northeast in northern- northeastern MO and southern Iowa.

Of perhaps greater concern for the ongoing Missouri River flooding is that areas of central South Dakota- right in the middle of the 6 Pick-Sloan dams and reservoirs- are forecast for possible excessive rainfalls both Saturday and Sunday.

IF this forecast should verify- it is likely that reservoir releases from at least the lower Pick-Sloan dams could again be increased beyond the 160-165000 cfs readings of yesterday (Thursday).

Please refer to the daily reservoir readings that are posted daily here at CSW until the threat of Missouri River flooding lessens.

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