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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Minot ND Evacuates in Face of Historic Flood

Joplin MO is just a few thousand people larger than Minot ND- but both cities will grimly remember 2011 for the devastation caused by weather.

Just hours ago- city warning sirens sounded in Minot- as the Souris (pronounced SOOris) River starts pouring over hastily-raised levees.

The Souris or "Mouse River" as it is called in North Dakota begins in Canada and flows back into Canada.

It was emergency releases from Canadian dams that has brought the real threat of a historic flood to Minot.

The maximum crest- at least 2 feet above the all-time high set in 1881- is not expected until late this weekend.

Therefore- around 10000 of Minot's 40000 residents that are in the flood-prone part of that north-central North Dakota city were advised/ordered to be evacuated when the sirens sounded.

You can also log into the KXMC-KXMD live UStream coverage of the flooding of Minot  can be found HERE.

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