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Monday, January 10, 2011

Walmart Gets Taxpayer Welfare Not Only in Raytown MO- But Also in Iowa

It's really strange that one of if not THE world's biggest corporation- Walmart- needs taxpayer-welfare known as Tax Increment Financing or TIF.

It's cost (and will continue to cost) Raytown MO residents dearly to subsidize the new Walmart on M-350- and- according to the DENISON (IA) BULLETIN-REVIEW- that west-central Iowa city is also giving away tax revenues to the Bentonville AR giant.

Most of the Denison story is about a hospital TIF- but mentions a TIF approved for a new Walmart.

I think it's time for a nationwide law where if corporations want to build somewhere- local and state governments can't give away ANY subsidies/future tax revenues!

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