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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Politicians Dance as Illinois Faces Massive Raise in Income Tax

The juxtaposition of Illinois' new governor dancing with a pretty woman while the Chicago Tribune story below reported a possible massive raise in the state's personal income tax was irresistible.

The lame-duck pollys in the Illinois Legislature want to use their Demoblican majority to raise the state income tax 66 to 75-percent to address the state's massive deficit.

In addition- the pollys are raising the corporate tax- as well as doubling the cigarette tax (welcome to Missouri Illinois smokers!).

One HAS to wonder- in light of the ongoing Recession (Depression)- how long politicians can try balancing local- state and national budgets on the backs of an already strapped citizenry.

I've got to wonder how LONG before America's middle to lower-income population literally snaps?

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