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Thursday, January 13, 2011

American Home Repossessions To Top 1.2 Million This Year

If you thought that thing known as "The American Dream" of steady- well-paying employment and home ownership was dying- here's further proof:

In an ASSOCIATED PRESS story courtesy of The ST. LOUIS (MO) POST DISPATCH- it's reported that "more than one million" homes were repossessed in 2010.

However- the article states that number should be topped in 2011- with more than 1.2 million repossessions.

There will be NO "economic recovery" if fuel prices continue rising either.

Those rises are reflected in the cost of virtually every consumer item we buy.

The pollys with their continued tax and fee increases don't seem to get the fact that economic desperation fuels ordinary citizen desperation that manifests itself in many uncivil ways.

I guess those of us crowding in with more-fortunate family and friends- moving under bridges and into homeless camps SHOULD be a kinder and gentler people (HaHa) as the rich get richer (see earlier post on the wealthy's last Christmas' spending) while us poor get ... you know.

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