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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Visible Satellite Picture Look at Central States Snow Cover

Snow covers the ground over about the northern two-thirds of the American Central States of Kansas- Missouri- Iowa- Nebraska- Arkansas and Oklahoma- according to this visual weather satellite image taken early yesterday afternoon when cloud cover was at a minimum.

Snow is shown above the red line that I have drawn on the image- which you can click on for full size.

Forecasts call for a chance of more snow and/or mixed-type precipitation beginning Sunday and possibly continuing into next Tuesday over our area- and there looks to be no return to warmer weather (40-degrees or above) for any extended periods through the end of January.

Thus far- any snow/sleet/freezing precip amounts look light- but weather models are not in too much agreement this morning so the situation could change as we get closer and into the weekend so stay tuned....

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