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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kansas "Conservative Causes:" Would Return State to the 19th Century

While I'm hardly a liberal- I understand the need for some "social programs" in a capitalistic society in my self-styled role as a pragmatic Libertarian.

However- if some recently-elected (Republicrat) Kansas lawmakers could have their way- the State would resemble more 19th Century thinking without the benefit of a stern but kindly Marshal Matt Dillion- according to this story in The LAWRENCE (KS) JOURNAL-WORLD.

Among some of the proposed changes said to be in some document that was passed around the leaky Kansas statehouse are:

"• Kansas should change its judicial selection process to require legislative confirmation of judges or adopting election of judges statewide.

• Oppose using public revenues for abortion and funding organizations that advocate abortion rights.

• All state documents should be made only in English.

• E-Verify should be required by employers to check on the citizenship status of workers.

• Repeal the law granting in-state tuition to the children of illegal immigrants.

• Passage of Arizona-type immigration law.

• Adoption of law aimed at blocking federal health reform in Kansas.

• Repeal law setting up state-owned casinos..."

Maybe that leaky Statehouse roof will collapse on these birds and save us all.

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