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Monday, January 10, 2011

CSW Commentary: K.C. "News Media" Hype Over Chiefs Game Went Overboard

All week- coverage of local news took a backseat to fluff stories about the Kansas City (Corporate) Chiefs- in their first playoff game since the 1990's. 

When my preferred channel for local news led off with the Chiefs pregame hype this week- I changed the channel.

The stories added nothing- in my humble opinion (IMHO)- to a game that had YET to be played- and was doubtful to be won.

As it is- local TV newscasts carry only about 10-12 minutes of actual news stories- generously broken-up by an increasing number of commercials- teasers and happy talk.

To simply play corporate sports-team cheerleader for a week prior to a game yet to be played is an insult and a waste of time for the shrinking number of local TV news viewers.

At least now that the Chiefs have LOST- we sort-of get our TV newscasts back.....

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