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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Dunns Dun Kansas City MO Taxpayers

Kansas City's politicians want you to continue the Earnings Tax- but continue to give welfare to corporations and the Metro's wealthy.

In the latest of the seemingly endless saga of  corporate bailouts on the backs of struggling taxpayers- The KANSAS CITY STAR announced today that the J.E. Dunn Contruction Company's new corporate headquarters that's caddy-corner from City Hall will need a taxpayer subsidy of "$200000" this year.

How The KC-MO Councilpeople Voted on the J.E. Dunn Project
But wait- there's more...

The Kevin Collison-written article states that this corporate welfare "will grow to $500,000 next year."

The City council and mayorial election is coming up in a couple of months to show your displeasure folks.


Superdave said...

That’s how the rich get's given to them. In the mean time you and I have to scrape and struggle to pay our bills. Be nice to know what gifts the Kansas City politicians had left on their front porch steps this past Christmas. Trust me this goes on. I delivered them for my company to KS state people back in the day. See the scam is if it's found on front porch you have no idea who left it. Was funny to have people open the door as you got there to then find out what was going on. Some just took and shut the door some couldn't even look you in the face. Graft it appears is still alive and well in KC, or something is

Groucho K. Marx said...


The PR/sale of this crap to the public is incredible

A thinking person might go crazy how the general/voting public allows these people to get away with this over and over and over.

(singing) "I'm crazzzeeeeeee..."

Peace be wit u-