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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I-35 Southbound Remains Closed After Shooting Involving A Kansas State Patrol Trooper

Details are still forthcoming over a shooting just after midnight Sunday morning on southbound Interstate 35 just south of Antioch Road in Merriam.

The incident- reported here first in Kansas City at CSW- reportedly involved a Kansas State Patrol trooper on a "car stop."

Emergency responders at 12:12 a.m. had been advised that "C.P.R." was being performed on a victim at that scene.

Johnson County MEDACT-1133 had transported "a 26-year-old female" with 2 critical gunshot wounds to a hospital afterwards- but no mention was made of any C.P.R. having been done on their patient.

Southbound I-35 remains closed at Antioch Road more than 5 hours after this shooting- and Kansas City news media are awaiting ANY official information on this incident that well may involve a fatality.

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