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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Central States 'Nice News' - Lincoln NE Suburb Plans Unique Drive-In Theater Design for New Park

Those "Baby-boomers" growing up in Kansas City during the 1950's-60's and 70's remember Whizzo- Torey and Ole' Gus- WHB and the drive-in theater...

My memories were of the 63rd Street- Crest- Fairyland- Heart- I-70- 40 Highway- North and South Twins- Boulevard- Hillcrest and Riverside drive-in theaters in Metro Kansas City.

You may be able- I'm sure- to add to that list.

According to this story in the OMAHA (NE) WORLD-HERALD- the Lincoln suburb of Hickman Nebraska is developing plans for a recreational area in their growing city.

Included in the design that would be implemented over four phases of construction is a drive-in theater configuration that would include "a collapsible (movie) screen."

The area could also be used for other events when movies aren't being shown.

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